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Thread: Returning member, forgot how to do some functions

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    Default Returning member, forgot how to do some functions

    "Everything old is new again"... Kind of like me LOL. I dropped off the radar about 10 years ago and have popped in it out since then, but I'm back in the groove and discovered I forgotten how to do a few things, and in poking around the site I haven't found an answer.

    <strike>First point: how to edit profile info and hair details? Also, how to measure the length of the hair.</strike> Edited to add, I have forgotten how to do strike through, too lol. I found the solution to those by switching to "full site".

    This one was either user error, or just a quirk of the system: I was typing a reply and wanted to adjust the size of the font. When I clicked to see where it was at, it said 5 so I clicked 3, and it actually got bigger! I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing in regards to that function.

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