Hey all! I'm a brand new member as of today, but I've been frequently coming to LHC forum since 2016 when I started my hair growth journey from a pixie cut which was emotionally brought on by the end of a relationship. Ever since then I've been dedicated to loving myself and trying to love on my hair as something I could control in my life. My hair is 1b/f/ii and has been through a few dye jobs and even a bleaching/fantasy purple semi-permanent dye job, but it has survived to a nice WL. I don't think I have the fairy tale ends that some of you folks mention on here, but once I can post pictures maybe I can ask about that. I'm hoping my hair can get to classic length in another year or two.

There was a time in my teen years that my hair would never grown past shoulder length, and I had a few good friends at college who had hair as long as some of you all which was also cause for the inspiration to try going for the long hair.

I wash my hair everyday simply because my hair is so fine and easily weighed down by any oils that touch my strands. I have tried to go every other day, but by about mid-day of the 2nd day, my hair always looks flat and feels hot and heavy. I've even tried sulfate free, but my hair ends up feeling worse and gross. I have yet to find a shampoo and conditioner combo that works for that. For now, I switch between sulfate products Loreal Elvive, Aussie Moist products, and Head and Shoulders for the really oily days.

I'm a music teacher by day and video gamer/binge watcher by night, and my favorite holiday is Halloween!

I hope to continue learning new things and share as well as my hair grows too.