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Thread: Henna Sooq brand thread

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    Default Henna Sooq brand thread

    I couldnít find a thread that was just about Henna Sooq products so here one is? If I missed something feel free to merge or what have you, mods!

    Anyway Iím wondering if anyone has any feedback about other things she sells other than hair color? Iím wanting to look at products for conditioning and growth/scalp health but not color. Where should I begin? She has so much education itís honestly a bit overwhelming.
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    I would start by watching her videos (several weeks without buying anything) and then decide what it is you want to do or accomplish with your hair. Then I would choose one or two of HS's methods and buy those ingredients/products only. After you've gotten a feel for what you've used and if you decide it works well for your hair, then repeat the cycle until you are confident enough to know exactly what you want.

    That's what I did. Years ago when I didn't have a clue, I wasted money on powders I just ended up throwing away. I've spent the last year or two just watching HS and Curly Proverbs videos until I was sure I had a very thorough knowledge of what I wanted to accomplish without wasting product. Because of this, I almose immediately saw a vast improvement in the quality of my hair.

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    Default Re: Henna Sooq brand thread

    I use henna sooq henna often and I can't say enough about the honey mask they sell. That stuff smells amazing and makes my hair so shiny and soft.

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