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Thread: Should I lighten pre or post henna?

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    Please keep us updated! I'm trying to quit bleach and have just gone back to henna as of today. The issue being that I applied the henna to level 10/11 hair and my natural color is a 6/7 so I'm trying to decide how I want to tackle blending the upcoming roots. Ideally, I'd do it without bleach like you're trying to do. Best of luck with your experiments!

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    Hello again, Brandy! Thank you! posting an update below.

    So I've officially done four rounds of the sun-in. The difference is still VERY minor. I was extremely gentle and used very light heat. As nightbloom reported, when I used a mid/higher heat is when I saw the bigger differences (in the skin on my fingers as well, wear groves! lol). It's honestly hard to photograph and if I asked a random person on the street they would probably say its the same color. I have a bit of henna curing right now to test over the strands since that is the real test. I'm not looking to get blonde hair just lift my hair enough to get the copper color I want. I think the ends that were struggling already have broken off, but other than that the hair doesn't seem compromised. Now I wait for the henna, and after the oxidation period I'll have an understanding of how henna on my current hair vs pre sun-ined hair looks. There is the option after that to try sun-in-ing the hennaed first hair as well. Will report back

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