Hi all!

I used to be a very active lurker and a semi active user of this forum about 10 years ago when I first wanted to grow my hair long. I got to about between APL and BSL (From a choppy SL cut) before falling off the wagon (did the whole drastic cut due to a life-crisis sort of a thing...).

Now I'm back and trying to grow out my fine and sorta thin hair. Goal is waist, with a blunt hemline. Right now I'm at between SL and APL - with layers and some damage that I want to eliminate during the process.

I have decided to do an experiment during 2022 to see what type of growing method works best for my hair. One of the mistakes I did last time was doing very frequent trims, not measuring regularly and being a little too obsessive with going the natural route/stretching washes, which made me mostly miserable and angsty an not enjoying my (greasy) hair very much.

My plan for 2022 is as follows:

- On the 31th of january 2021, I will do a starting trim and measure.
- The first 6 months I will do no trims.
- S/D only allowed max once per month.
- I will measure my hair (using a t-shirt and a marker) and document my progress.

During these first 6 months I will continue experimenting with oiling 1-2 times per week, wash as needed (usually every day to every second day with my hair type). Try some leave in products and masks and what not, and learn new protective hairstyles (I just learned to dutch braid - fun!).

In the second half of 2022 I will:

- Do a trim at the hair salon on the 30th of June.
- Then follow up with dustings at the salon every 8 weeks.
- Try the inversion method as per reccomendation of massaging scalp every day for 5-7 days once per month.
- No home trims or S/D.
- Measuring my hair every month using the t-shirt and marker, and document my progress.

I'm hoping that my experiment will let me gain some insights about my hair and it's growth rate/pattern, how long I can go between trims and still get results, what causes damage to my hair and how I best can prevent it. Worst case scenario i that I will just end up with the same lenght hair that I have now, but probably in better condition and in one length/without layers (not bad at all!). Best case scenario my hair will be one length, in better condition and that I also gained some good length.

Not sure if this is of interest for anyone else but me, haha! But i would love to know about any personal plans or experiments for YOUR hair during 2022!

I feel great about being back and having a hair project going again