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Thread: Adding to our stash; project for 2022!

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    Default Re: Adding to our stash; project for 2022!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ylva View Post

    Conditioners and masks

    400 ml Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner
    390 ml Garnier Fructis Hair Food Aloe Vera Mask
    390 ml Garnier Fructis Hair Food Papaya Mask [x2]
    350 ml Garnier Fructis Hair Food Aloe Vera Conditioner [x2]
    300 ml L'Óreal Dream Length Mask [x2]


    400 ml Garnier Respons Marvellous Nectar Shampoo [x2]
    400 ml Garnier Respons Mythic Olive Shampoo [x2]
    350 ml Garnier Hair Food Aloe Vera Shampoo
    300 ml Erittäin Hieno Suomalainen Tervashampoo (tar shampoo)
    250 ml Garnier Aloe Hydra Bomb Shampoo [x4]
    250 ml Sunsilk Natural Recharge Aloe Vera Shampoo
    250 ml XZ Tehokosteuttava Hyaluronihapposhampoo [x2]


    150 ml Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask Red

    Money spent: €83.10

    Other hair items

    Large Tangle Teezer brush with a handle

    Money spent: €18.95
    So that was it. Less than €100 used on hair consumables. Overall, I’m happy.
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    Default Re: Adding to our stash; project for 2022!

    118ml Purple Haze Manic Panic (£9)
    4x 360ml Garnier Ultimate Blends Smoothing Coconut oil & cocoa butter conditioner (£8 )
    4x 400ml Macadamia conditioner (£4)
    900ml Tresemme Cleanse&replenish shampoo (£3)
    200ml Johnson's baby oil (£1.29)
    125ml Ameliorate scalp scrub serum (£13)
    3x 400ml Love Beauty and Planet Rose and muru muru conditioner (£15.99)
    3x 400ml Love Beauty and Planet coconut and mimosa conditioner (£15.99)
    3x 125ml Ameliorate Scalp Exfoliant (£38.19)
    2x 360ml Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut water and aloe conditioner (£4)
    900ml Tresemme volume shampoo (£3?)

    4x 250ml Simple Hydrating daily body lotion (£6.76)
    400ml Johnson's Soft & Energise body wash (£1)
    3x Femfresh (£6)
    2x Femfresh pure (£4)
    450ml Dove nourishing silk body wash (£1.99)
    1000ml SBC Cotton Moisturising gel
    500ml SBC Cotton body wash
    300ml Collagen and black pearl body silk (moisturiser)
    100ml SBC Salicylic body wash
    2x 100ml SBC Propolis and Safflower Hand&Foot cream
    100ml SBC Collagen Hand&Foot cream (SBC total £35.77)
    100ml SBC Collagen and black pearl body wash (freebie)
    250ml Femfresh Active (£2)
    2x 100g Lush Handy Gurugu (£10)

    3x brow pencils (£6)

    4 flexis - L, XL, 2x XXL (£81.12)

    Heh heh heh, I was doing okay until the Black Friday sale on flexis. They are ones I really wanted and couldn't afford before when we had to pay import VAT plus a fee on anything over £15, so although they probably cost like 40% more now with VAT and the terrible exchange rate, I guess maybe this is the equivalent of having paid full price for each one without the extra VAT and £8 handling fee on top.

    Anyway, that's my year done.

    Hair care total: 24 items, £115.46 OUCH way more than I thought! If I take out the Ameliorate products (my *scalp* has expensive taste), £64.27. Wow. I am trying to dilute the scrub to make it last longer - dilute some each wash in an old scrub bottle, and now I know that definitely is worth the effort. I used to go through it in about 4 or 5 washes, anywhere between 8-15 weeks.

    Toiletries total: 25 products, £73.52. Not too bad.

    Hairtoys: 4, £81.12. Eh, they were ones I really wanted so I don't mind.
    Length goal well and truly met, now just seeing how it grows ...
    Picky scalp but easygoing hair, thank goodness

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