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All the very best. My hair is at that phase where I can feel the awkward stage approaching but it's not here yet. Would love to know how to managed to endure that stage without cutting your hair. Good luck and happy growing!
Thanks! I'm still learning how to endure this stage, but today I did my first pony tail where most of my hair stayed up pretty well without any clips or pins (probably being dirty helped).

The thing that has really helped is watching tons of YouTube videos of people in this exact hair phase sharing style tips and tricks. There is a lot out there if you look around, I usually search "growing out a pixie." I wasn't really growing from a pixie but I seem to be in the same stage that I would be in if I were.

Your hair will be in an awkward stage soon enough, lol. Hair grows so fast, even though it doesnt always feel like it. There are lots of cute styles you can do while you're waiting. My biggest challenge is just remembering why short hair doesn't work for me, because I seem to forget all the time and cut it, thinking it'll be different this time. Good luck with yours!