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Thread: Getting lots of server busy messages!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MusicalSpoons View Post
    Ooh yikes.

    So if it were something to be considered in the future, it would need a very long time to plan and to make sure everyone had chance to backup their albums and blogs - though lots of users are inactive so we'd just lose their stuff, unless there were any way of mods/admins being able to restore which in itself would be a collossal extra task and doesn't exactly sound feasible even if it were technically possible (which it may not be anyway) :-/

    One of the things I love about this place is the 'heritage' (for want of a better word); that some of our most active threads are from 2008 and that the accounts and contributions from members long inactive are still there. I especially love that even with closed accounts their comments are still there on the whole, so their contributions remain. I know we can't live in the past but the wisdom and experiments from years past still help people today, and it's a wonderful thing to be part of such an established community and see how much of it was shaped. (It is sad those first 5 years were lost, but it makes me value what we have now even more tbh.)
    That's very well said. I feel the same way.

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    Default Re: Getting lots of server busy messages!

    Yes, the heritage! Well said, Spoons! I don't do this as much anymore, but during the first year or two that I was here, I spent a lot of time reading old threads and older posts on threads that are still active. There's such a wealth of information, and besides that, it really gave me a sense of the community I was entering into.
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