So guys I'm ready to make this post

All of us know it already - henna and indigo are the most difficult dyes to remove.
There is a variety of henna removal methods out there in the depths of internet. Those who are desperate enough to be willing get rid of henna ( and not by cutting their hair) have probably tested a few.

All of these methods do not actually remove henna- they just oxidize it. That means that the original color turns to a different shade - red henna becomes orange if bleach is used. Indigo + bleach = famous and feared green.
When I decided to attempt henna removal I did first a solid research- and I found pretty soon a great article on my friends blog- she is a hair blogger and a brilliant chemist. She found information about the specific herbal dye agents and came with a conclusion that they could dissolve in inorganic acids.
You'll need:
Coconut oli
Coca - cola ( source of phosphoric acid)
Soray bottle
Patience and perseverance 😁

Coca Cola should be diluted with water - one part coke, 3-4 parts water. As my hair has low porosity and is pretty resistant I used 1:1 solution .
Spray your hair thoroughly with cola&water. Then oil it with penetrating oil - coconut in this case. Let it sit a few hours - the longer the better, can leave it overnight.
Wash with clarifying, sulfate shampoo.

In my case the experiment took little more than 6 weeks. Its definitely not a method for people that want to see the results immediately. At the beginning I didn't notice any changes.
I did the treatment in all 6 times . Thursdays every other week for 4 hours and overnight-from Saturday to Sunday, also every other week. The first one was on May the 20.
I did not do any color altering treatment under this time.
Damage to hair - none.
I will continue over the summer I guess.

Pictures show how much henna has faded.
My hair before the first application

Today after the overnight treatment