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Thread: Henna newbie! Could I get the colour I'm after?

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    Default Re: Henna newbie! Could I get the colour I'm after?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kat View Post
    ...but faster than sitting with henna mud on your head for hours, and not a years-long commitment... and doesn't require you to have red hair if that's not what you want... (and, once you get to a certain age, won't have people accusing you of dyeing your hair to "try to look young" when in reality you just want red and/or warm-toned hair....)
    This! Obviously some people prefer to stick with a more natural/ayurvedic approach to haircare but I do think the chemically sprays and other products definitely do have their place, it's all about personal preference and what you're hoping to achieve, at the end of the day. Like your signature says - there really isn't a right or wrong when it comes to your own hair. Just do what you want with the products you want to use to achieve your hair goals!

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    Default Re: Henna newbie! Could I get the colour I'm after?

    I briefly tried some color tinting products before settling on henna. What I found was box dye had noxious fumes, was damaging, and the color faded quickly. So I tried to boost the color with some products and although I liked the results that I found, it was so temporary, lasting only a couple washes, and I was never satisfied for long. But this was my only stint with hair dye ever- like a 3 month period of dissatisfied experimentation. I would agree henna is definitely not for people who want to change their hair more frequently than once in their life, or for people who don’t want red/orange.

    And thanks for the complement lerryn! My lengths do have some bleach damage from that 3 month experimentation with dye phase but it does blend well enough with the rest of my hair that to me it looks like it could just be sun bleaching. Good luck with what you decide!

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    And, the other reason for wishing for a toner is to try to change the hair itself. With an ashy natural color, that means that even my henna is going to look more cool-toned in certain lights. It would be nice if I could warm up the starting color from the get-go and not have to always be battling it...
    Putting it in my signature because I have to say it so often:
    Do what works for your hair, not what other people say is "right" or "wrong." If it works for you, it's not wrong. If it doesn't work for you, it's not right.

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    Default Re: Henna newbie! Could I get the colour I'm after?

    Hey there!
    I absolutely agree with Jane99 and lapushka. You want to do a diluted henna first, and then darken it if you think it's too light in a week or two. I didn't quite have the patience for that.

    I went with pure henna on my very blonde hair and I have mixed feelings - the roots are kinda too red and the ends are the colour you have in mind. I don't mind it since it looks quite decent on me, but I think I'll gradually lighten the applications: next root touch-up will be 2/3 henna and 1/3 cassia, and maybe next time yet it will be 1:1. We'll see how that turns out!

    Anyway! I wanted to add that (for me at least) it was very hard to tell what colour exactly my henna turned out, because it is so dependent on the light. So inside my hair colour doesn't seem like anything special (in fact it can look like a warm brown even), but in the sun it *sparkles* and looks much much brighter. Also looks different yet in pictures. Also, the cassia will perhaps make it have a more yellowish hue than what it's going to look like in a month or so. A lot of factors to count in!
    However, I found the act of mounding some muddy goo on your head very therapeutic! And I think my hair is of a better quality.

    On the side note, I went into henna being totally fine with the possibility of having to grow out a failed project: I went from waist length to an inch of hair once, I'd survive cutting the APL out.

    Well, this wasn't a very coherent reply, but I hope you find it helpful at all!
    Lady Ysera, Mistress of Dreams in the Order of The Long Haired Knights

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