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    Default Introducing myself

    Hello. I'm Hannah Lynn.
    I'm from the East Coast USA.
    I have one cat and some pet snails whom I adore.
    I'm somewhat/mostly mute.
    I like to collect books & do some repair, and collect some other things and I like to sample teas.
    I dabble in a lot of different arts & crafts.
    I really like Joanna Newsom songs.

    I used to have hip length hair as a girl, I loved it.
    But I needed help with it. and my mom wasn't a very nice person, so I was forced to get it cut, and worse than that it was a bowl cut. Devastated.
    I tried to grow it back out, but I was told over and over that I couldn't do anything with it on my own because my cerebral palsy affects my left hand most of all. so I got discouraged and cut it to ear length and cried for days.
    Grew it back out and got to APL, but when one of my best friends David found out his terminal illness was taking him from us sooner than expected, I got anxious, didn't know what to do and got it cut off a few months ago.

    Now, because of David, who has asked me to please not cut it off again because I loved my long hair so much before, I'm growing it back to where it was when I was a girl. It took me a bit to do a pony on my own but I know how to do it now. If I can manage that with my hand I'm sure I can manage a simple braid or bun?

    I'd really like to braid my own hair, over one shoulder, for sleep, or when I'm tired of low ponys. Does anyone have any tips?

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    Default Re: Introducing myself

    I am deeply sorry to hear of your friend!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Default Re: Introducing myself

    Hi Hanna,

    Can you braid your ponytail straight down the back of your neck at least as far as your arms will reach? Understanding the weave (youtube, 3 pieces of rope are helpful too), it's basically grabbing a section in each of your fists while letting one hang free so not much manual dexterity is needed. I found braiding wet hair easier to learn with.

    Once you run out of arm length, continuing over one shoulder or the other is considerably more challenging. It was a milestone at about APL for me IIRC. I'm right handed so I found going over my left shoulder easier as some dexterity is needed for the change from "elbows up" to "elbows down".

    You could also tie off your partial braid down your neck over your shoulder, untie it and pick up where you left off. That might work better for you as it's more like the fists and free end to start.

    Hope this helps you reach your goals. I think it's definitely possible.
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