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Thread: A question about shampoo bars!

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    Default A question about shampoo bars!

    Hi y'all! I'm thinking about making the switch to shampoo bars but I have a question or two... hopefully someone can help me out!

    So my hair (or rather my scalp!) does NOT like to wait long between washes. The thing I've discovered what works best for me so far is to wash with shampoo and conditioner every other day with water only washing in between. I'm sure that seems like a lot to some of you! Currently I use renpure products and silkience as well. I also do an ACV or white vinegar rinse every week and a half-ish to two or three weeks.

    My big fear with shampoo bars is the waxies. I've heard doing a vinegar rinse after washing with fix this but since I have to wash so often I'd really hate to have to be doing a vinegar rinse so often.

    I also read that the waxies may just be a
    transition period issue.

    Did y'all experience the waxies when you switched to shampoo bars? Was it a permanent or transition issue? If a transition issue, how did you hide/rid the waxies? Are there any particular brands you like/dislike/think cause the waxies more so than others?

    I do plan on purchasing the bars on etsy since I dont think I'll be able to find any local?

    Also if anyone has any opinions on conditioner bars feel free to share!

    Thanks in advance and God bless!
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    Default Re: A question about shampoo bars!

    Is there a reason you're averse to rinsing with vinegar so often? There are other acidic options that would work if it's an issue with scent.

    That said, I've used shampoo bars in the past without doing an acid rinse. Conditioner took care of the waxy feeling just fine. I'm sure it depends on your conditioner, but shampoo bars without a rinse can work! HTH

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    Default Re: A question about shampoo bars!

    We have a great thread that covers these questions pretty frequently!

    I use an acidic rinse each time and honestly I find it faster than using conditioner ever was. It's really no big deal, just keep a stock in your washroom so you don't have to keep fetching it from the kitchen. (Or if you are me, leave it in the washroom and then fetch it for the kitchen now and than haha)

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