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Thread: Henna For Beards, Help Needed Please ***NOOB***

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    Default Re: Henna For Beards, Help Needed Please ***NOOB***

    saj, I'm sure it's fine.

    If you are wanting to see what it does, save some hair, from your brush, or from the beard (or try an inconspicuous spot), and mix a tiny bit of powder with some hot water, and do a "test strand". A tiny spot, to see what it does. It's often what we do before we commit to doing our entire heads (remember your head or beard is not a lab, so try it out first).

    Good luck; it looks promising, from what I can tell.
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    Default Re: Henna For Beards, Help Needed Please ***NOOB***

    Any pure henna will work good. Jamila baq is very fine so it makes a nice smooth paste that is easy to apply and rinse out.
    The Rajasthan I used was finely ground but had a slightly slimy texture, I didn't like it on my hair. It would have been great for tattoos.

    I always used shampoo after rinsing, mostly to wash my scalp and get some of the waxy residue off my hair.

    What color is your beard and what color do you want? Be aware that baq is going to be permanent. The lush will probably fade with time but proper pure henna won't.

    No need to mix with anything besides water. I always used very hot, not quite boiling and let it dye release for a couple hours.
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