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Thread: Site problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TatsuOni View Post
    My Instagram account is public. So anyone should be able to see if I post information.

    And if you do have Instagram but it's a private account. You can still watch my page for info or send me a private message. I won't share your information with anyone and neither will the other mods, if you write to them.

    As mentioned sending an email to LHC works.

    And if something happens again and someone wants to get in touch with me.

    * You can contact me on Instagram if you have an account. Same name as here
    * Leave a public comment on my Youtube channel. Just remember that anyone can see it. Same name as here.
    * Leave a comment on my blog. It's public, but you don't need an account and you don't have to leave any information about you. You can just leave a comment that says "whats up with LHC?". You probably won't get any message that I've replied, but if you keep an eye on your comment, you will se when I do.
    Ah! See, hadn't thought to do that, but I always mail the staff account at gmail, when something "big" is up. Not for small disruptions (don't want to bombard the account with totally unnecessary stuff).
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    Default Re: Site problem?

    It'll come back.
    Just do this.

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