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Thread: ISO Medium Ficcare

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    Default ISO Medium Ficcare

    I'm looking for a medium ficcare to see if the sizing is comfortable for me. I do not have any particular colour* in mind but I won't pay more than USD 50 (might be less depending on how much it would cost on the website).

    If it's really cheap, I don't mind a bit of a dinged ficcare.

    Since I'm hoping to get multiple offers, I'll leave this up for about a week or two unless I see something I really like. I'm just looking to buy one ficcare.

    * No orange or yellow as the main colour unless it's less than USD 30.

    Thanks, and please post here <3
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    Default Re: ISO Medium Ficcare

    I have a medium blue jewel lotus Ficcare up for sale now on the swap board for 40USD, you can click my profile to see the post if you're interested.

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