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Thread: Hello from a newbie :-)

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    Thanks so much for the help! I'm definitely going to try the peacock twist. I will have to buy a more lightweight oil for my ends then as well. Do you have any experience or know of anyone using jojoba oil on their hair, and how greasy or lightweight was it?

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    Howdy, nice to meet you : ) Although my hair is not as fine as yours, I can certainly sympathize with the "textured but still fine" thing. It certainly gives our hair a different look than people with coarser wavy/wurly hair. Part of the process is just making peace with your own texture and its foibles, I think.

    Jojoba oil is pretty commonly used. I would describe it as "medium" in weight, certainly not as light as the sweet almond oil that Lapushka mentioned. But if your hair doesn't seem to react well to oils and other leave-ins, why bother with them? Your hair is not so long that you are liable to need a lot of help sealing in moisture at the tips. I would just forego the oils for a while and see where you land.

    Many people report breakage from "messy buns." A smooth-textured scrunchy will be gentler on your hair than one with coarser/catchier fabric, and this type of hair tie might be enough to hold a bun in place with your weight of hair. But I definitely recommend learning more ways to secure buns that don't have to involve twisting your hair around quite so much. The claw clip peacock twist thing is certainly a great place to start. You can probably wear the same type of top-of-the-head bun that you already have secured with U-pins or a small hair fork. It might look a bit catastrophic with the layers poking out, but certainly secure enough to sleep in!

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