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Hi, and welcome from another newbie! I also love to leave my hair down. It's really one of the big reasons I love super long hair. I love the feeling of it falling over my shoulder and so much more. However, I am trying to get used to wearing it up more often. You know, our faces look different in different hairstyles, and I feel like an up-do accentuates some of the things I didn't like about my face. But, I am coming to accept and embrace the things about my face that I never particularly cared for, and to love and accept myself as I am. It has been a liberating feeling to wear my updos and be confident and proud, ditching my old insecurities into the past. I also notice that when I am super busy, my hair seems to grow faster, probably because I am just not paying attention. As they say, the watched pot never boils. When my hair is up, it is easier for me to ignore it. With the dry cold winter ahead, I think I will need to do updos most of the time to protect my hair, until warm weather comes, and then, hopefully, I will be a few inches longer and can enjoy my hair being down even more.
Hi! Yes, I relate to so much of this. I think hair is meant to be enjoyed, and for me that means wearing my hair down a lot of the time - if I really had to have it in a bun all the time, I don't think I'd see the point in having long hair at all. Though of course for some people doing intricate hairstyles IS the whole fun of having long hair!

I also feel like I look best with my hair down, and dislike how I look with a lot of updos. I did recently finally learn to french braid though. I think I like the look of two french braids on myself cause I can still have the braids in the front so I feel like I don't look like an egg. You're right though, it's definitely good to challenge those insecurities!

And thanks for everyone else's welcomes as well! <3