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I've seen many gorgeous hairtoys since joining this forum, but I think this one's the winner. Sodawood doesn't produce them anymore , but maybe in the future (when I'm not on a student budget, aha) I will place a custom order over there? Not sure.

Anyway, here's the thingy!
I have a four-prong tusk from Sodawood that I got on sale (!), and the hold is great! Also I've seen listings for three and four-prong tusks appear in the shop in the past few months, so it might be worth keeping an eye on.

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Wait, is it someone on the forum that's making these?
Well technically Claire from Furnival's workshop has an account here, I've seen her very occasionally pop up in her thread! Far as I can tell she sells through her Etsy shop primarily though. I got one of the earliest icicles when she started doing them last year; sometimes if you message her shop that you're on the lookout for something she'll let you have first dibs on them when she happens to make some.