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Thread: Sock Swap 2020

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    Default Re: Sock Swap 2020

    Quote Originally Posted by cat11 View Post
    I got my socks!! And I absolutely love them!! Im wearing a pair now and they are so comfortable.

    Time for some pics!!

    The first pair are some ozone brand socks that fade from light grey to black and have pretty red flowers on them. They are soooo soft and look really cute and feminine, I love these!

    The second pair are sock dreams tie dyeds and they are so vibrant!! They are also really comfortable and are a good knee length, if I pull them they go just over my knee, or I could scrunch them below the knee or to calf. I am really exited to wear these with my boots. I actually have wanted to try some of their tye dye socks for a really long time!!

    Thank you so much Shorty89, they are super nice and you did an awesome job, they are perfect! I love these socks

    I hope I do as good of a job for my giftee. I am planning on shipping out for my giftee around Dec. 1st \ ^_^ /
    I'm so happy that you like them. They look even more awesome in real life. I may have to order myself those flower ones at some point.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maelyssa View Post
    Trying to show some action shots of my new dumbest question ever but how the heck are we posting our pics? It's been forever since I did & I remember the hosting site everyone used now has a fee. What's the easiest option...any ideas?
    Yeah, photobucket sucks now. I use Imgur to host images.
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    Default Re: Sock Swap 2020

    Woah! This is such a fun thread. Such colorful socks; and long ones too. Nice & comfy.

    Might do this with you all one year. Not sure yet, but it's growing on me.
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    Default Re: Sock Swap 2020

    Reveals already! Nice pictures and socks everyone!

    I’m finally back on the internet/my own computer – massive work issues kept me at work when I’m normally no there…sorry!

    Favorite colors to wear? I guess I usually wear neutral colors or natural-is colors. But socks are fun, so all the colors for the socks!

    Favorite prints or styles? I'm partial to knee/over the knee styles, but wear all sorts.

    Are stripes/polka dots and lots of color ok? yes.

    Do you like Christmas themes socks? sure, why not

    What do you think of toe/tabi socks? I'm wear a pair right now (orange and gray toe running socks) and they are very popular here. I prefer the toe to tabi, but have been known to wear both. And those were super cute socks!

    so far from tailbone!

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