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1. Only measure my hair once a month (every 15th of the month).

I've been a bit too obsessed over hair growth and I need to chill.

2. Take progress pictures every 3 months.

3. Reach APL.

Hopefully it will be longer than APL but probably not a new milestone.

4. No heat styling, except blow-drying on cool/medium setting if I truly need to. Since it's past shoulder length, my hair is not so puffy anymore so it looks better even if it's unstyled.

5. Only use silk scrunchies/invisibobble/claw clips. Nothing that tugs at my hair.

6. Don't trim until the end of the year.

7. Deep condition at least once a week.

8. Olaplex every week/every two weeks (as needed).

9. Finish up everything before buying new hair products.

I had this goal for a while and it goes smoothly. I only have 3 products that I don't like so I'm trying to finish them up as soon as possible. I will not make the mistake of bulk buying anymore as it takes quite a while to finish up everything.

10. Monitor my eating habits!
1. checked
2. checked
3. checked - major milestone for me
4. partially checked - I blow dry my hair every time I wash it - which is daily. I get colds very easily so it's necessary. But I still let it air dry for an hour before + I use heat protectant and the blowdryer is always on cold. My hair has no new split ends so it's ok. I don't use any other hot tools.
5. checked
6. 'failed' - I cut in layers. I don't love them but they made my life easier (cut off all the damage). I'll even it out eventually. The cut is great, I just love a blunt hemline more. I am still not cutting the longest layer until the end of the year.
7. checked
8. checked
9. major fail - at least I love everything I bought and I think I've found my HG routine
10. checked - I eat healthy most of the time. Still have to improve, but it's not bad at all.