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Thread: List your hair goals for 2021!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Prince View Post
    1. Only measure my hair once a month (every 15th of the month).

    I've been a bit too obsessed over hair growth and I need to chill.

    2. Take progress pictures every 3 months.

    3. Reach APL.

    Hopefully it will be longer than APL but probably not a new milestone.

    4. No heat styling, except blow-drying on cool/medium setting if I truly need to. Since it's past shoulder length, my hair is not so puffy anymore so it looks better even if it's unstyled.

    5. Only use silk scrunchies/invisibobble/claw clips. Nothing that tugs at my hair.

    6. Don't trim until the end of the year.

    7. Deep condition at least once a week.

    8. Olaplex every week/every two weeks (as needed).

    9. Finish up everything before buying new hair products.

    I had this goal for a while and it goes smoothly. I only have 3 products that I don't like so I'm trying to finish them up as soon as possible. I will not make the mistake of bulk buying anymore as it takes quite a while to finish up everything.

    10. Monitor my eating habits!
    1. checked
    2. checked
    3. checked - major milestone for me
    4. partially checked - I blow dry my hair every time I wash it - which is daily. I get colds very easily so it's necessary. But I still let it air dry for an hour before + I use heat protectant and the blowdryer is always on cold. My hair has no new split ends so it's ok. I don't use any other hot tools.
    5. checked
    6. 'failed' - I cut in layers. I don't love them but they made my life easier (cut off all the damage). I'll even it out eventually. The cut is great, I just love a blunt hemline more. I am still not cutting the longest layer until the end of the year.
    7. checked
    8. checked
    9. major fail - at least I love everything I bought and I think I've found my HG routine
    10. checked - I eat healthy most of the time. Still have to improve, but it's not bad at all.
    CL 🡢 SL 🡢 APL 🡢 MBL 🡢 WL
    Dye free since August 2021. No trimming September-December 2021.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jools69 View Post
    1. Join the 2021 12 month no trim challenge. Swapped to the 6 month challenges, so that I could trim after 6 months.

    2. Learn how to trim my own hair. Have now trimmed my hair twice, using a combination of Feyeís and Spidermonís methods.

    3. Start S & D in between trims. Done 3 S & D so far, which is helping to stop me doing full trims!

    4. Grow out layers completely to achieve a blunt hemline. Thickness is travelling down, but not yet to the ends.

    5. Invest in oils to make overnight hair masks and to seal moisture in. Started using Babassu oil as an alternative to coconut, as itís much lighter and less greasy, and use jojoba oil as a sealant. Love the result, as it makes my hair soft, silky and shiny, defining my waves. Iím now going to try adding a mixture of olive, wheatgerm and rosemary oils to babassu oil.

    6. Start deep conditioning. Purchased Garnier super food blends 3 in 1 to use every other wash. Makes my hair soft, shiny and defines my waves.

    7. Reach hip or BCL. Passed waist, but not ready to call hip yet.
    7. Longest strands in my u-shaped hemline are definitely at hip now. Not long to BCL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zesty View Post
    I hope I can reach knee before the end of 2021. I have four inches to go, which is pretty close to the gains I get in a year, so I think it's doable.

    Other than that, just keepin' on keepin' on.
    Almost reached knee but change of plans, I might maintain around FTL for a while or at least get lots of trims. I might be past the point of goals.

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    OK I have a goal now since shaving most of my hair off. keep growing the top of what's left and maintain the buzzed partd

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