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Thread: Switching from Henndigo to demi permanent dye?

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    Default Re: Switching from Henndigo to demi permanent dye?

    Good luck!!

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    Default Re: Switching from Henndigo to demi permanent dye?

    So I did it! Blowdried it (committing all the hair sins today!) and.... NO GREEN, YAY

    I did do three strand tests, two from my head and one from hair from my hairbrush. I didn't use a color remover or do anything to try and get the hendigo out first. My hendigo was a premix that was mainly cassia with Indigo being the second ingredient and henna being the last (so Cassia/indigo/henna) I have no idea what the exact ratios were just that there was more cassia than the other two ingredients.

    It felt dry after washing it out, which sucks, not used to that, I'm going to miss the health benefits of henna, but I put a deep treatment in it and its shiny and relatively healthy I guess, I don't need a trim from doing it or anything like that, it does look very pretty.

    I used professional dye (loreal dia richesse) in a level the same as my natural colour, I used very low level peroxide (9vol). I did not try to lighten it in any way at all.

    I don't receommend this to anyone lol, It could have gone green? I guess I'm just lucky.

    I'm sad to not be able to use hendio anymore, I swear its what helped my hair to retain the length as I was growing it. But having to wrap it makes it too red for me, and not wrapping it gives me breakage as the mud dries. I'm happy to have my hair a colour I like again.

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