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Thread: How do I get a more orange henna?

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    Cassia has a dye release?
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    Default Re: How do I get a more orange henna?

    Quote Originally Posted by teldira View Post
    Okey hair update!

    So I tried the 35% henna and 65% cassia mix and had it on for 3 hours, sadly nothing happend to my hair other than it got shiny. So then i kinda got ****itattitude and waited a week and then put 100% indian henna on my hair for 2 hours. It's been a couple of days since i hennaed and it turned out almost just like how I wanted it! Now im in a dire need of a trim though ehe
    Great color! When I was using cassia with henna I also noticed that my hair got a brownish tint (but I wanted orange as well). That is why I now use only henna, only for 1h and only on my roots.

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