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Thread: September 2020: Hypno Bun

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    Ah, this challenge was just before my computer went hinky and I went offline while it was in the shop. Took the photos, but didn't get the chance to post them at the time.

    I could never have figured out the directions for this one without Sarahlabyrinth's video! This is a very comfy bun and I've worn it a few times since. I do have problems with the tail coming loose, though, and have started securing it with a couple of U-pins. Pardon my characteristically incomprehensible photos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahlabyrinth View Post
    Ah - this one I can do:

    Beautiful! Does anyone else find it discouraging to try these out with dark and curly hair? I can never see the detail like you can with lighter hair colors and straighter textures

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