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Thread: A new person in need of advice

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    Also you can try re purposing or recycling bottles for environmental purposes. I believe most bottles are recyclable just not the caps.
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    Thanks BleachedBerry, the Biotin looks promising so I'll give it a go. Elfynity, I did move from a soft water to a hard water area recently. But I've lived here before (mum's haha!) and my hair was far healthier back then...

    Just a further note on the bar conditioner. If it was at fault, I don't think it was due to its chemical composition, but to the fact I was rubbing the hair with it, which may have caused damage. The bar shampoo was fine because you just lather it up in your hands first, so I wouldn't really hesitate to recommend it to people if your hair isn't fussy.

    In future I would consider using them again, but maybe melting the conditioner into water first. There is such a ridiculous amount of plastic usage in hair washing and I'm sure there's a smarter way without compromising our hair!

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    Hi lemongravy

    There’s a thread about shampoo bars and at least one UK member on there, so maybe you’ll find some useful tips.

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