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Thread: What shampoo and conditioner on henna hair?

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    Default Re: What shampoo and conditioner on henna hair?

    Whether Iím using henna or not I always like to use a mostly natural, sulfate/paraben/silicone free shampoo & conditioner. I enjoyed the Maui Moisture line but found that it was just a bit too heavy for my hair. I like the Love+Beauty+Planet line a lot too and always add rose hip & peppermint essential oils to the bottles. Thatís what Iíve been using up until recently. I just started using the Calia Natural brand and OMG Iím in love after literally one use!! I canít wait to try it after my next Henna session!

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    Default Re: What shampoo and conditioner on henna hair?

    Personally I prefer to use a very light conditioner since most of the heavy ones tend to stick to my hair and form a grey buildup until the next wash. I've even experimented with using only flaxseed soap to wash my hair without any conditioner at all. It works fairly well for a couple of washes, then I need regular shampoo and conditioner again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightshade View Post
    Most "henna" shampoos and conditioners are total scams. Henna's dye molecule breaks down over the course of a few days and it wouldn't survive in a dye-able state in a shampoo bottle or conditioner for long. A lot of products claiming to keep red with a henna shampoo or conditioner actually have artificial dyes in them, or have henna in them, but it's inert for the purposes of color (and conditioning because the lawsone doesn't condition if it doesn't bind to your hair, which it doesn't when it's lost it's capacity to dye).
    Oh whoops. I thought the solid shampoo bars with actual henna in them? I have one, I never used it cause I didn't like how the CV bar I tried made my hair feel.

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    Right now my hair is pretty fried from red dye with 30 developer for years, which I always did full head application because of the red fade.

    I'm hoping that switching to henna, and perhaps chopping off the damaged ends will lessen my dependency on cones. As it is, I have to condition with heavy coney conditioner AND soak my length with a heavy coney "oil" that has a label that says "Moroccan Oil" but is really just silicones.

    My hair has always been very dry, even when not coloured, so I've always been more drawn to heavy coney conditioners.

    Is there any chance that the conditioning affect of henna/cassia might offset that?

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