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Thread: What's your parents hair like?

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    Default Re: What's your parents hair like?

    My Dad has chocolate brown, super fine soft hair. It gets loose spiral curls probably 2b/c when long. When short it brushes out smooth and straight with a slight bend. His hair density is probably the same as mine by looking at photos.

    My mom has fine/medium hair like mine. Almost the same natural color too, hers is just slightly darker and more golden. However it is thinner and more textured. Her waves are probably 2b when untouched. It was straighter when she was younger, same as me.

    So besides my hair color (lightest in the family) and strand thickness, I got everything from my mom except my hair density which is my Dad's. Interestingly, both parents have finer hair than mine. My Dad's dad has coarse hair like a brush. Could just be the mix of genes.
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    My mother has straight brown hair. My father has curly black hair. Both of this was before greying/balding. My father used to have thick hair but no longer does and I don't know about my mother. My fathers is fairly coarse my mothers fairly fine.

    I have a different brown then my mother's and am wavy so in between my parents on texture. My hair is thicker than theirs is currently but as I don't know their thickness when younger I can't answer on thickness.

    My sisters: One has hair fairly similar to mine but not quite as thick and a different shade of brown. One is a fine thin redhead.
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    Honestly my hair is a perfect half between my mothers hair and my dads hair. My moms hair is light brown fine and curly. She ended up going through a long period of stress and lost half the thickness. However, itís starting to grow in thicker. My dad had long thick chocolate brown hair. Naturally I have light brown hair with a natural chocolatey brown lowlight.

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    My father shaves his hair off, so it's a bit hard to tell what colour it is, but I'd guess it's a medium to dark blonde, he used to be light blonde as a child. Judging by the rest of his side of the family, his hair is probably straight and on the thinner side.
    My mother got red hair, wavy (2c, I'd say). She used to have a copper red shade as a child but it has gotten lighter with age, also got wavier with age. She used to have really thick hair but it's gotten a little thinner with age as well.

    I got middle blonde hair, ii thickness and a 2a/2b hair type, so I suppose I turned into some sort of mix.
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