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Thread: Problems with mobile app

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    Default Problems with mobile app

    Hello, I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, but on the mobile view, when I click the icon next to the search (the 9 squared with 3 white), I then can't click any of the icons in the right hand column.
    Instead it acts as if I've selected search for the blog icon and the two below.

    Any idea what's going on or if it's just me?

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    Default Re: Problems with mobile app

    Yep, I've had that problem for... a year? Year and a half? I think I posted about it back when I first noticed it.
    ETA: Yup. http://https://forums.longhaircommun...d.php?t=145095
    I just use the desktop version if I need blogs or profiles or anything other than the basic forum.
    But I'm so glad you posted this because I had assumed it was just my phone being wonky.
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    Default Re: Problems with mobile app

    I'm glad it's not just me. I'm also on android but use the 'in house' browser.

    I have been doing that, but it's a pain, lol.

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