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Thread: Do you experience (long) hair envy?

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    My big curly hair coils up and looks much shorter than it really is when stretched, and shrinks down to nothing when I flatten its bulk into a braid. Even if it can get super long it will still be an oddly skinny braid. When I see long black hair I do feel some envy! Or maybe it's appreciation and respect.

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    I voted sometimes. If I see someone with MBL, thick, curly, and especially red hair, I do turn a tiny bit green with envy hahaha, can't lie! But if anything, I use them as inspiration to take even better care of my hair, so it isn't all bad <3

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    I used to get envious over others hair. Sometimes it's hard not to go "OOooohh I wish I had that!" but I've worked a lot on appreciating my own body and hair instead of longing for what I can't have or have to wait for. Now I experience admiration more than I do envy, I want it to be a positive experience when I see qualities I enjoy even if I don't have it myself

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    My situation is a bit different. As a male I've had male pattern baldness for decades which has ravaged my hair.

    I'd finally gotten permission to grow my hair long at age 15. By age 19 it had reached my waist (I'm very long waisted). My hair was 30 inches from the top of my head and probably 36 inches from my hairline (I also have a big head). That's when I first noted early signs of a retreating hairline and thinning hair in front. I ended up cutting my hair short at age 23 to help me in my job search (this was back in the early 1980s, a very different time). I finally got the courage to grow it out again at age 40 but it's never gotten past the middle of my back. My hair is only a pale shadow of what it once was and what I'd like it to be.

    So what do I envy? Length, certainly, but only in conjunction with a reasonable amount of thickness, health, and apparent softness. My hair (and DW's hair) is fine textured, which makes it more vulnerable to tangling and damage but also rather soft and pleasant to the touch.

    My DW Elizabeth has very long hair but it's also thinned a lot in recent years, not uncommon as women age. We're both getting a lot of gray and that's fine with us. Many of her new gray hairs are coming in as coarser and less straight, another common effect of aging. She loves her gray and I admire it too. I'd happily have hair that's all gray or all white if I could just have its thickness and length back.

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