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It's going to be okay. It doesn't really sound to me like you ruined your hair. All of that razoring will fix itself in due time.

If it helps at all I'm in a similar situation. Three months ago I went to my barber (yeah barber I like him he's great) and asked for a chunky layered cut with tons of razoring. He did a perfect job. I loved it. Then, two weeks later I decided that I'm finally going to grow my hair out LONG. Luckily he didn't take off any overall length. After the cut my hair was still hitting my bra strap but my layers were cut as high as my cheekbone and the razoring was as short as 3" or less in parts. Sometimes it annoys me but it is what it is.

You know what though? It is growing out and in a year or two my layers will be either gone or grown out to a point where I'm happy with them.

Soon enough yours will be grown out too.

It's gonna be okay.
Thank you! Mines just random hair lengths in random places :/ I'll get it professionally cut when I reach a length I'm happy with!

Thanks everyone for the replies!

Anyone know about Ketylo's? I still haven't heard anything after placing an order for a hair stick