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    I've decided I'm moving on from Suave and V05, a sad day indeed. I feel as though my hair has been thrown out on the cold cobbled streets on a rainy night from an orphanage in an animated movie. SO! It's time to find a new conditioner. Preferably not a ridiculously expensive one. I'm thinking the cantu Shea Butter Hydrating Cream Conditioner. This lead me to some specifics research points for a few ingredients I noticed. Particularly dimethylamine and polyester 11. But it seems to be curly girl approved. I'll check it out and report back! Anyone else have any experience with it?

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    I only have experience (plenty) with their leave-in; love it!
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    I’ve used the cream conditioner and still sometimes do. It’s pretty good, but if you don’t rinse it all out it can feel kinda rough. It also works for co-washing and quite well in SMTs, so a good all purpose rinse out conditioner. It also makes a good shaving cream. I recommend it
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    I use this conditioner often and it hydrates my hair very well. I also have very little tangles when my hair has dried. I do naturally have straight hair, but these products are designed for curly hair so I suppose they should work for curly hair.

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