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Thread: Desperate to grow my hair to classic length.

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    Default Re: Desperate to grow my hair to classic length.

    Keep in mind that it takes time, a lot of time, I'm talking years, to grow hair to classic length. It took me 10 years because I had so many big trims.

    You have to make a commitment and stick with it through a lot of changes of mind, getting frustrated with your hair for whatever reason, wanting to change the color or get a new cut, on and on; it never ends.

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    Default Re: Desperate to grow my hair to classic length.

    When i was younger i thought i had all the clue about how i could grow my hair and i was putting them into practice. However my hair will never grow past a certain length. However i realized it was as a result of breakage , my hair was growing but it was breaking off! So i thought i had clues about hair care, but i couldn't do the simplest thing in the book, study my hair and know what works best for me. Apparently my hair does not like sulfate in any product but i kept on using conditioners and shampoos that had this ingredients which in turn was making my hair break off. So step by step i started learning my hair and today my hair is happy and i am happy. Check out the below articles, i went into details on how you can achieve a full and long hair.

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