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Thread: The Great Color Swap - Summer Swap 2019! Mail out deadline September 2nd

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    Default Re: The Great Color Swap - Summer Swap 2019! Sign-up deadline June 21st

    Here are some of my favorite colors. Variations of these are good.
    1) Indigo/denim
    2) Sea green to turquoise green
    3) Chartreuse
    4) Dusty purple
    5) Copper, rusty orange, amber

    And brown, as always, is my favorite neutral.

    Forks, combs and sticks in any material
    Hand me downs
    Hand crafted
    Up cycled
    Any era in style
    Nature inspired shapes
    leg warmers/boot cuffs - acrylic preferred due to a history with wool eating bugs *cry*
    Socks - size 9 US
    Hand made dishcloths
    Unscented soaps, lotions, chapstick, salves

    Etsy favorites

    Sparkles/glitter/bling - commercial flexi-8s are too shiny for reference
    Perfumes and fragrances
    Make up
    nail polish
    American cartoons
    hair biting barrettes

    Additional Info
    I'll make the stalking easy by pointing out my hair toy and clothing blog posts. I've participated in many past swaps, and innumerable answers to myriad questions are given there.

    Preferred functional length of sticks/forks
    Minimum 6 inch functional length. Maximum 7 inches. Forks can go shorter, 5 inch functional length for example.

    Bun diameter
    Cinnamon bun measured at 6 inches - that is the measurement going over the bun from side to side
    Cinnamon bun measured at 4.1 inches - that is the calculation of diameter based on the 13 inch circumference of the bun

    Head circumference

    Allergies to things that could potentially be used
    (for example, particular nut allergies where oil could be used to finish a toy)
    None. Scents do aggravate my asthma.

    Waterproof finish?

    Doesn't matter.

    55in, 2a, F, ii (3 in)
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    Default Re: The Great Color Swap - Summer Swap 2019! Sign-up deadline June 21st

    Quote Originally Posted by Hailwidis View Post
    Coolors instructions:
    To create a colour scheme to add to the top of you “About me” post, follow these steps.
    • Go to the Coolors website.
    • If this is the first time you visit the website, it will offer you a short tutorial. Follow it.
    • Press the space bar on your keyboard a few times to see examples of colour schemes.
    • Start building your own. Click the colour box on the left, then click on the “Adjust” button (the slider icon). Slide the sliders until you find a colour you like.
    • If you only want to give your gifter 1 colour as a guideline, copy-paste the code into all other colour boxes.
    • If you want to give your gifter more colours to work with, create a colour scheme of up to five colours by adjusting the sliders in the other boxes in the same way. Please choose up to 3 different colours maximum (for example, pink and green) and then fill the remaining boxes with different shades of those colours (example of what I mean here).
    • When you are happy with your colour block or scheme click “Export” in the top right menu, then select “PNG”. Copy the link to the image that is opened in a new tab.
    • In your “About me” post, click “Insert image” in the post editor and paste in this link.

    If for any reason you struggle to work with the website drop me an e-mail on the swap address and I will help you create your colour scheme.
    You can also search the web for HTML color codes by color name, for example "turquoise html" will return 40e0d0. If you look at the URL generated in Coolors, it is broken into five character strings broken by dashes ( Each of those is the HTML code for the color displayed on your screen. You can replace a specific color with the HTML code you find elsewhere if adjusting the colors in Coolors just isn't getting you to the color you have in mind.

    55in, 2a, F, ii (3 in)
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    Default Re: The Great Color Swap - Summer Swap 2019! Sign-up deadline June 21st

    Quote Originally Posted by Hailwidis View Post
    That's a truly gorgeous colourscheme Dweam! I am very drawn to those colours too.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more people's colour choices!
    Thank you! I am looking forward to reading other profiles and all the pretty colors attached to them

    1c - 2a / f - m / ii | current length = 32.25 inches - working for a thick blunt hemline

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    Default Re: The Great Color Swap - Summer Swap 2019! Sign-up deadline June 21st

    About Me:

    I like muted versions of the primary colors (brick red, navy or "denim" blues, creamy yellows as opposed to neon yellow), forest-y greens, and off whites.

    I use hairsticks/hair forks and ficcare clips(L) near exclusively. For sticks I like about 5 inches usable length and for forks I like the prongs to be about 4 and a half inches. I tend to gravitate towards wooden sticks and forks and tend to avoid metal/plastic ones.I have admired and owned some resin topped forks, though. I also prefer hair toys with smaller, simple adornments rather than very large or flashy ones. I really enjoy hairtoys with animal/nature motifs!

    I try to keep my hair products simple, the less ingredients the more I'm inclined to try it. I don't use sulfates but other than that I'm pretty open. I really like fancy hair oils (either to use as a leave-in or pre-poo)

    Head circumference: ~22 inches

    bun diameter: ~3 and a 1/2 inches
    Favourites makers:
    AKC Woodworking
    Saya Designs
    Opium Nature

    As stated before, I really like animals and nature. I love interesting plants/mushrooms. I’m a bit of a foodie but I try to focus on delicious and healthy food. For what it’s worth I used to be a huge anime fan and still love “kawaii” things. Also I absolutely adore corgis

    Dislikes: I can’t think of any that would be applicable to something like this other than what I wrote in the portion describing my hair toy habits. Oh, I dont really use earrings/nail polish. And I dislike anything that's super glitter-y or glitzy as I don't think it suits me.

    I would prefer not to receive actual clothing, but accessories are fine! As for jewelry preferences I tend to avoid plastic jewelry. Also I don’t have any allergies, food or otherwise.

    My etsy favorites

    Other information for gifter: If you enjoy crafting, I’d love to see an example of your handiwork!

    ETA some more info I thought would be useful
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    Default Re: The Great Color Swap - Summer Swap 2019! Sign-up deadline June 21st

    I'm all caught up. Welcome everyone!

    I'll post my "About me" sometime this week.
    Hosting the Great Color Swap of Summer 2019!

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    Default Re: The Great Color Swap - Summer Swap 2019! Sign-up deadline June 21st

    About me
    I love reading, drawing and music. I play the cello. My interests are: art, literature, folklore, cooking, Japan (fell in love with the country’s culture/food/art when I went in 2010). I am not religious.

    Simple, comfortable, elegant if possible but always quite understated. I wear black, grey, lots of navy, white, any green as long as it is not too bright, blue but not the lighter shades, purple, dark reds, coral pink. I think I’m a (clear?) winter but I’m not sure. I can pull off several (deep) autumn colours because my hair is auburn and I like some spring colours on myself too. But my safe colours are winter colours.
    My ears are pierced. I like (simple, elegant) jewellery but I don’t have much and don’t wear much.

    Hair and hair-toy stats
    Hair type:
    2b/2c/m/ii. Lower end of ii, I'm recovering from a huge shed.
    Length and condition:
    Maintaining around waist. Tapered ends, white dots and splits.
    Bun diameter:
    8 cm, 3”
    Head circumference:
    56 cm, 22”
    Preferred functional length of sticks/forks/carrots:
    5” to 6” for sticks (5" preferred - will get more use right now), 5” or less for forks, S/M for ficcares, M for flexis (and smaller sizes for accents).
    Check out my LHC hair toy album to see what I already have.

    Things I would like:
    - Flexis and faux-flexis. I'd like some small ones (XS and S) to work accent twists and braids into some hairstyles. I use M for a full bun, but I tend to reach for other toys to secure a full bun. I like the plain understated ones and those with nature themes best.
    - Spin pins (decorated or plain), amish pins.
    - Gentle, non damaging hair bands/elastics, including tiny elastics.
    - Scarves are always appreciated. Any kind. For the neck, or for the hair. Would love silk scarves/ribbon for my hair, actually!
    - Ficcares. With how small my bun is right now, they're one of the only hairtoys I can use reliably. I use a black acetate M at the moment, and have two S on the way (royal blue jewel and emerald jewel). I'd like a dark teal enamel M, a black silky S or the minis (they are dainty and adorable!).
    - Products I can't easily get my hands on here: Neutrogena triple moisture deep recovery hair mask; Neutrogena anti-residue clarifying shampoo; Eden BodyWorks Almond Marshmallow therapy leave-in conditioner; EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF 46.
    I don’t need:
    - Hair brushing tools: combs, brushes.
    - Makeup. I hardly ever wear any.

    Hair related:
    - Sticks (single or pairs).
    - Forks (especially with head curve, but without is ok too). 4 prongs are overkill with my thickness/length, so 3 or less.
    - Spin pins, plain or decorated. Curious about other pins for securing buns (Amish?).
    - Hair slides/barrettes, as long as they are good quality, not the type which catches hair too much.
    - I love wood for hair-toys - especially darker woods. Beautiful shine or grain makes me super happy (think snakewood, mahogany etc.)
    - I also like acrylic, though I'm picky about colours (see below). I love truestone, or whatever it's called.
    - Metals: copper, silver. Gold is ok, but not my absolute favourite. I wear gold earrings for my sensitive ears though, so gold would match them.
    - Nightblooming products: I can't really order because the shipping is hefty. I'm interested in trying Hinoki oil, the Miruvor and Forest Glade teas...
    Non-hair related:
    - I love gemstones and stones, whether in jewellery, hair-toys or just loose. My favourites are labradorite if it has a good sheen, turquoise, amethyst, moonstone, opal, agate. My birthstone is sapphire.
    - Scarves, infinity scarves (fabric or knitted - as long as they are not itchy). I love the look and feel of soft things. Thick yarn knitted with big needles also looks awesome. Environmentally, I prefer natural fibres over synthetic fibres.
    - Beautiful fabric. Anything quilted.
    - Themes and motifs: medieval, Anglo Saxon themes, Celtic, Scandinavian, nature-inspired, plain/minimalist. Arrows, archery. Forests, mountains, nature. Leaves. Feathers. Stars, constellations (especially Cassiopeia).
    - Animals: foxes, deer, dogs, badgers, bears, birds, birds of prey, whales.
    - Folklore and fantasy; dragons, mythical creatures. Anything from Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli's art/films. Totoro is always a favourite.
    - For reference (I own copies), my favourite books are: Fantasy - The Earthsea Quartet, His Dark Materials, the Broken Earth trilogy, the Abhorsen Trilogy, the Bartimaeus Trilogy, LOTR, Harry Potter; Classics - Austen (Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility), Shakespeare, Jane Eyre, Silas Marner… I'm going off Young Adult, it's often predictable, trendy and not so well written. I seem to be getting increasingly picky. Literature or high fantasy preferred.
    - Stationary is a big love of mine: nice (decorated) letter writing paper, bottled ink, gel pens, stickers… I love notebooks and have tons, but can always do with more (I like Rhodia, Leuchtturm, Hippo Noto, MOO).
    - Food: I basically eat everything, no dietary preferences or restrictions. I cook from scratch and like to eat healthy but I also like to indulge. Ideas: spice mixes, things that would ship ok/keep well, fudge, caramel, chocolate (milk or white, not dark; but not too sweet. I’m a bit difficult with chocolate). Anything matcha flavoured. Something very typical of your area. If you also enjoy cooking from scratch and have a favourite recipe, or a recipe that’s really your staple, I’d love you to write it down for me. I will happily return the favour.
    - Tea, especially herbal mixes, green tea, white tea. I have a lot of tea though, so only include tea if you can think of a tea so awesome I can’t miss out on it.
    - Art: if you are creative and feel like drawing/painting something, go for it! I personally enjoy watercolour, sketching and digital painting. What are you good at? Any of the themes, books and animals I mentioned could be used as inspiration. I’m always super honoured to see what someone would make for me.
    My favourite colours are green (especially dark and leafy green, not so much bright/neon green), navy, teal, turquoise and dark red. Specifically for hair stuff, I also like mint, brown, and amber tones.

    Hair related:
    - Dymondwood is not my favourite, unless blue, turquoise or green and only one shade or colour, not a mix of colours.
    - Glitter.
    - Heavy toppers tend to loosen my buns.
    - I’m sceptical about dangling bits: like the look of them but I don’t like the idea of them getting caught in my hair.
    Non-hair related:
    - Chunky, big, jewellery.
    - Heavy earrings (because I just know I won’t wear them much).
    - Crochet is not my favourite thing in the world.
    - Animal prints (with the exception of foxes).
    - Very sweet stuff, like sugar candy, especially if artificial flavourings are involved. I'm a hypocrite though, and love toffee and caramel, and chocolate.
    Generally I avoid neons, flashy colours and anything light or pastel: they don’t suit me and I don’t like them much.
    For hair items, I avoid pink, light purple, bright/opaque orange and yellow (amber is fine though).

    - Cats, and it's random but can be quite bad.
    - Dust(mites?), but that shouldn't be an issue here.
    - I have no food allergies that I'm aware of.
    - Earrings should be gold or silver only, I have sensitive ears.

    Etsy favourite list

    Favourite makers
    Elymwold, TT, LI, WoodEverIImagine, Orangerium, IngoDesign, MapleBurl. I don’t expect any of these, this is just to give you an idea of my style.

    Thank you in advance gifter, I hope I’m not too picky/difficult.
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    Hosting the Great Color Swap of Summer 2019!

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    Default Re: The Great Color Swap - Summer Swap 2019! Sign-up deadline June 21st

    This looks like so much fun! I can’t this summer, but I’ll be following for sure great theme!

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    Default Re: The Great Color Swap - Summer Swap 2019! Sign-up deadline June 21st

    PixieP, have a nice summer!

    Just a little under a week to sign up for this, if you are on the fence or thinking about it, don't miss the deadline!
    Hosting the Great Color Swap of Summer 2019!

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    Default Re: The Great Color Swap - Summer Swap 2019! Sign-up deadline June 21st

    Glad to join you all ! This About Me section isn't complete but will be a place holder until I can update this.

    Colors and Wood:
    Colors I love: I am currently enjoying colors such as turquoise, bluegreen, teal, gold, pearl and completely clear.
    The woods I love are Olive wood, Bacote, Marble wood & Zebra wood as these tend to stand out a bit more against my dark hair.

    Colors I dislike: Red, orange

    Hair Toys:

    The hair toys I use include acrylic sticks, wooden hair forks, wooden helix forks and flexis (that I modify so) that I try to pair with hair sticks. I am not concerned with waterproof toys as I never use toys in wet hair (would distorb the curl pattern). For hair sticks I personally love long ones (5.5" to 6.5") because otherwise they get eaten up in my messy hair. For forks I like them a bit large in width and topper and the usuable length to be about 4.5" (+ up to 1") for similiar reasons as for the sticks.

    Favorite Makers:
    WEII, WoodberryArt, Furnivals, MapleBurl, SayaDesigns but there are so many others that are amazing. I am still trying to experiment and figure out which I truly love for both design and feel/fit so I'm very open.

    Favorite hobbies: I love painting (oil paintings), making art pieces using wood, mixed media, resin and acrylic paints, crafting costumes & sewing (last 4 years have been making elaborate halloween costumes) and recently wood working (continuing to try my hand at self made hair toys using wood, acrylic, resin), macrame large wall pieces as well as bracelets.

    Likes:Wooden & Acrylic forks
    wooden spiral sticks & Acrylic sticks
    Hand crafted things
    Teas of any kind!
    Nuts and seeds
    Nut butters (other than peanut butter)
    cute ankle+ socks (shoe size
    Makeup brushes

    Sweets/candy/chocolate (I don’t actually dislike these but have been cutting these out for past couple of months)
    Makeup (I have plenty and kinda picky)
    Prefer no clothes gifted as its honestly hard for me to shop for myself
    Products with silicone or sulfates

    Favorite animals: Owl, elephant, wolf
    General style/vibe: I would describe my style (outside of work) as bohemian

    No Allergies

    Answers to Questions:

    1. How do you feel about metal hair toys?
    I don't own any, so I am a bit hesitant.

    2. Do you like materials like dymondwood?
    I don't own any dymondwood so its hard to say, but I think it looks beautiful and I would be open to it.

    3. Would you wear moon hair toys?

    4. Would you wear helix hair toys?

    5. Do you have a preference for wood color (dark, light, medium)?
    Medium to medium light.

    6. Do you have any favorite woods?
    Woods I love are Olive wood, Bacote, Marble wood & Zebra wood. Similar woods and wood grains are awesome as well.

    7. If I were to make a picture of something for you, what might you like a picture of?
    Something travel related or worldly. Just some back story or setting to help; My entire home is decorated with a modern boho touch (think World Market or Anthropologie décor) and have paintings, sculptures and cultural pieces from around various countries and cultures. A picture (or any art) that could fit that theme would be really cool.

    8. What is something you'd like to receive from a foreign country?
    Post card, a (picture?) book, photos, stones, teas, coffee, spices, candles.

    9. I'm going to New Orleans for a couple of weeks, anything you'd like for me to bring you back?
    oooh I love New Orleans! I love the vibe, architecture, voodoo & vampire myths/stories and the impressive grave yards! Hehe I would say a Beignet pack to bake at home but I'm cutting out sugars so that wouldn't work. Hot sauce would be cool!

    10. Would you prefer for me to buy you something off of your favorites list (or something you've specified in your About Me) or are you adventurous and open to me giving me creative freedom to make you something?
    Full creative freedom! I know I would love something hand made that someone put effort into as much as a purchased piece, so I'm all open!

    11. Do you like heat in your food? If so, what are your favorite hot sauces?
    I love hot sauces, especially really spicy ones. I prefer those with no sugar added and of the habanero or jalapeno based.

    12. Do you like or wear flexis? Which size?
    Yes, I like them, but I have plenty and they hardly get much use. If anything I would prefer the leather ones in size L.

    13. Do you like flowers and/or floral motifs?

    Somewhat. I am not a fan of roses or tulips or flowers in hair toys except if they are more in the background rather than the focal point.

    14. What is your favourite quote or your motto?
    I don't really have one or two that really stand out in my memory. Maybe I will think a bit harder on this and update later.

    15. Do you have a pet? If so, would you like any gifts that depict said animal (art, stickers, brooches, pins...)?
    No pets

    16. Of your coolors, which (if any) would you wear as lip color?
    heh none. I guess I could use gold lipstick if I went as Cleopatra for Halloween..but other than that I don't see when I could ever use it lol.

    17. Giftee, Right-handed or left-handed forks? Sticks? Or to you wear vertical/slanted?
    I'm left handed but I have only had to consider that with flexis so far.

    18. How do you feel about satin ponytail holders/scrunchies?
    I have a few that I use to pinapple my hair when I go to sleep but they are unusually large scrunchies to keep it all loose. I would enjoy a satin scrunchie as long as its pretty large.

    19. Unusual chocolate flavors, yay or yuck? Like chipotle chocolate, seaweed chocolate, bacon chocolate...
    None for me please of the unusual kinds.

    20. Okay, a swap box needs snacks in it. Whatcha want, Giftee?
    Nuts of any kind, Seeds, Nut butters, hard cheeses (idk if that will ship okay), any kind of tea (love tea!), coffee, dark dark chocolate.

    21. Would you like some homemade apple butter and/or low sugar jam (blueberry or blackberry)?
    That does sound super delicious but would prefer things without sugar or sweeteners at the moment.
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    Default Re: The Great Color Swap - Summer Swap 2019! Sign-up deadline June 21st

    These colours actually surprised me a bit - they're darker than I realised I liked but they're the ones that popped out to me more! My favourites of them are definitely the first two, the red and blue though. Third favourite the green, and tied black and the purple for the last two.

    I wouldn't use all the info from other swaps as a good few of my preferences have changed so if in doubt do ask!

    Allllll the info about hairtoys you use (material, length, colours, waterproof or not):
    Okay, length wise for sticks between 5-5.5" preferably although can go up to 6", any more than that I use less because my bun squashes down and is not head eating so the stick looks funny. For forks prongs should be 4.5"-5". Colours.. well, see colour scheme above and my etsy favourites, adore all the colours shown there.
    I do tend to use acrylics most, sticks although this may be because I only have one acrylic fork. I do have a favourite wood fork - if wooden, I prefer the colour to be a darker wood.

    I do tend to mainly use forks and sticks day to day. Not bothered about waterproof.

    Hair Type – My hair is pretty straight, 1b and I have fine hair.. its 3.25" thick and classic length.

    Also tell us what hairtoys you don’t use! I don't use metal hair toys in general and and am a lot less likely to use toys with long prongs (see above). I don't like big bulky toppers on my sticks as they tend to go upside down in my buns and just look a bit funny. Forks I don't mind a topper on (they tend to stay a bit better). I don't use crescent moon shaped hairtoys, I have one and I just can't work it!

    Head circumference and bun diameter: Bun Diameter is 4.25", head circumference - 21".

    Favourites makers - ByFlowerFox (I have none but they look gorgeous), Hairsticksnmore (I have a couple of his acrylic sticks and they are great), I also love the look of mamacatwoodcreations (Again, don't own any but the squiggle shapes are lovely!). If you discover new or other makers you think I’d like then go for it! Also always happy to receive preloved hairtoys.

    Likes and Dislikes - be as specific as you'd like including animals, books, TV shows, hobbies, colours, patterns, music etc:
    I'm quite girly, I like princesses/elves/fairies and mythical creatures. I also love anything Disney themed. I adore anything Alice in wonderland related as you may have guessed by now so that'll always be a win.

    Favourite Book - So many.. fantasy novels such as The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (I can list loads off but if you google fantasy it'll be ones similar to Wheel of Time) – I have been gifted fantasy books for the last few swaps and have absolutely loved them, any books are welcome and I definitely don’t mind if they’re used! Previous book I've been gifted has been Robin Hobb Assassin's apprentice which I loved. I made a goodreads account so I'll try to update books I want to read or have read so I don't get duplicates:
    Movie - TLoTR, I like musical movies like Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis, Wicked...and of course Disney.
    TV Show - Game of Thrones, love period dramas (pretty much all, omg those dresses), Outlander, Supernatural.. I could go on lol.
    Favorite Animal - I love animals in general. I like wolves, ravens, owls, big cats..ooh red pandas..unicorns, dragons.. I'll stop now :P
    Favorite Hobby or Pastime - I like reading, horse riding, travelling and ..does binge watching netflix count? To be honest, I spend most of my free time either cuddling my cats (oh things for kitty are always welcome by the way – toys not treats because we have way too many treats lol) or sitting in my swing chair in the garden when I'm not working.
    I work part time as a model as a hobby and really enjoy this - you can see my style here:
    I'm trying to get into crafting and doing my own headdresses - so supplies for that won't go amiss or any tips if you're a crafter yourself or if you have any unusual outfits/props you don't use! I've also (as you can see lol) been getting more into learning photoshop for editing which I'm finding fun.
    Favourite Music – Disney and Musicals mainly, my favourite band is Nightwish though. I sometimes drive quite a way for modelling jobs so a CD wouldn't go amiss!

    Clothes size and if clothes are something you would like to receive: I'm UK size 10-12, as above - for my modelling any clothes you think would work in a shoot would be great. I have a long list of shoot ideas so if clothing is something you'd like to send I can always send hailwidis my to shoot list so you can work off a theme.

    Jewellery preferences (metals…): I actually want to get into wearing a small amount of jewelery again, I spent ages trying to replicate a specific clasp of a favourite bracelet I previously had and wanted the front to be alice in wonderland themed - hence all the minature books in my etsy favourites (I was hoping to get one of the books done in silver as the front) but nobody was able to do what I wanted! The bracelets you see there were on my short list clasp wise, and wanted the bracelet to fit well for daily use. A disney themed bracelet with a clasp that doesn't dangle and fits well would go down a treat. My wrist is just under 6" around, I wouldn't want a bangle that is too loose and moves a lot or anything that dangles (I realise this got way more in depth than I intended, sorry!).

    For a necklace - Nothing too in your face with too many danglies. I'd be looking for something I can wear daily that looks classy at work. Maybe a teardrop necklace (see favourite colours above) or something alice in wonderland themed. No gold colour for jewellery - I suit silver colour better.

    Any allergies (don’t forget food allergies) or preferences: Only allergy I have is tramadol medication which I'd hope isn't something that would even be thought of for a gift box :P

    A link to your Etsy favourites list if you have one:
    ^ I did the favourites ages ago, only change is I wouldn't get the sticks with the teardrop-y pointy toppers although I still adore the colours of the ones in my favourites.

    Any other information that could be helpful to your gifter:
    Food wise - nothing dark chocolate, I do love praline (omg yum) and caramel. I have a long list of likes so if you think I might like it, send it! I don't like hot (spicy) food.
    I do like tea (I don't have an infuser for loose tea though) - and I drink it a fair amount, I wouldn't mind trying unusual teas or different drinks though so if you think I'll like it - go for it!
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