These ideas are very inspirational! And thank you for the support! I haven't been on this site for a very long time, so this is very welcoming.

I will need to look into Amish pins. I did get some rose-gold pearl and crystal bobby pins to place randomly in a braid or messy bun. I found a video where the stylist bends the prongs back and around so they really have staying power. A Velcro effect if you will.

I work 2 jobs so don't have a lot of down time (for girl time), but I was able to position a mirror in the cabinet across the sink mirror so I can have my hands free to work on styles.

I've seen the bun chain and like the look, but probably more for a Ren Faire. (I have hair a fun chain head piece from one). I'm a June baby plus living on an island, pearls are meaningful.

Once I get my act together I will post pics!