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Hi I am new to lhc too. I chopped all my hair once. I was 9 months postpartum and broke (using the baby shampoo I was given was a bad idea) it really needed it. I think it took until kindergarten to be shoulder length. Maybe 3 cuts to deal with shape of hair.
I did it once in high school too but canít remember much of that but that although it is on my shoulders in my grad photos.
Anyhow my point is that for curls 3-5 years seems realistic time frame.
You might want to research what (test patch your skin ?) moisture adding things donít bug your scalp.
I recently made a coconut milk banana strawberry avocado honey and olive oil smoothie my curls loved it.
Good luck!!
I cant use anything with certain fatty acids, which excludes most products and diy treatments 😅 experimenting is not a good idea for me