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    so I love how the middle/ends of my hair feel when I dont wash it for 2+ things, I was thinking of trying dry shampoo for in between washes. Any luck with this? does it keep hair in better shape than shampooing with a shampoo bar? I use a home made shampoo bar a good friend of mine makes, goats milk, rosemary, peppermint etc. its lovely, but builds up very easily on my scalp, otherwise i use nizoral, but i try to stretch washes since its harsh and strips the rest of my hair.

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    Your homemade shampoo bar sounds wonderful! I'd like to get your friend's recipe.

    For me, dry shampoo does a good job of making my greasy hair appear presentable for a day or two. Other people may not care for it, but I prefer it to washing more frequently. I don't like the heavy perfumes (and weird ingredients) in the store-bought ones though. I make my own using corn starch, oatmeal powder, and cocoa powder (for color). You can also add essential oils if you want a certain scent. It can take a couple of extra minutes to rinse out, but I've never had trouble with it.
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