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Thread: On the topic of HOT TOPIC

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    Quote Originally Posted by KameRose View Post
    Yup, the first two pictures were a bit of a cross post. Sorry to make you doubt your sanity.

    Figured with all the purchases I've already made, and the ones I'm already planning, that having a separate topic for HT would be best.

    It's OK; but it was so weird there for a second, until I read your message!
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    I have way more hair sticks from Hot Topic than I would like to admit. Lol. I love them. The only one I would def not recommend is the Overwatch Genjii Sword. It is not long to hold a bun by itself. Also, Malificent horns and the Kingdom Hearts sticks are pretty sharp on the end; like seriously stabby.

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    @lunasea Don't be discouraged, the nature of the store means that there is a high turn over of product. I didn't see any Wonder Woman or Deadpool swords in either of the stores in my area either on my last visits. They did however still have the Harry Potter swords at both of them. If you have a HT in the area it is worth swinging in to see what gems you can dig up. Or just pull up the website ever so often to see what kind of new stuff they are getting in. It's only been two months since I've discovered that HT has hairsticks and I've already seen like 20 new sticks and slides introduced.

    @Rebeccalaurenxx Congratulations! Sounds like a great deal to me.

    @PixieNixie I would love to see your collection!

    I have no problem using the Overwatch sword to hold up my bun. Well.... actually I do, but it had nothing to do with length of the sword and has everything to do with my hair wanting to spit the hairsitck out.
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    Wow, I never would have thought to look in a hottopic, but maybe next time I'm at a mall I'll pop in. Just checked their website, and I think these sticks with little dried leaves are cute (wonder how big the topper is):

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    Based on the size of the sticks and what I know the stick size to be from having seen them in person, I would guess the toppers are no larger than an American quarter.

    Quote Originally Posted by KameRose View Post
    @lunasea Deadpool swords
    There were Deadpool swords, too? I missed that (I knew there were 2-3 types of swords, guess I just didn't pay attention to what they were. He carries katanas, right? Probably why my gaze flicked past them.

    Now, if only they had had Outlander swords... claymores/Highland broadswords are exactly what I would need for sword hairsticks!

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    Here is my stash. I have a few action shots in my album.

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    What a lovely collection PixieNixie!

    I have to ask how easy is it to get the arrow from the hair slide out of your hair? I've been eyeing that one.

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    I will not lie, it has gotten tangled in my hair. Not bad or anything but I kinda had to just let my bun down and let it fall out to remove it.

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    So my order arrived! I am now the proud owned of a pair of Harley Quinn mallets and a couple more pentagram hairslides.

    Group shot:

    One of the pentagram hairslides:

    The Harley Quinn mallets:

    And.... because I'm excited for my LR orders and I just looked through this thread and saw I have been woefully lacking in uploading hair selfies here. Here is a wonder woman sword with a black leather flexi:

    And a braided leather dragon fly flexi with a dragon fly stick i got from HT:

    I'm just gonna add a few more and reach the picture limit for the post.

    So... some rainbow heart hairsticks:

    Some planchet hairsticks:

    A *different* pentagram hair slide:

    Wait how many pics can i put in here?! Some Maleficent hair sticks:

    Black cat hair sticks:

    Ah okay, limit is 10, i'll try to remember that. I actually have posted quite a few hair selfies of hot topic items both on the weaponry thread and on the Halloween thread, if you are interested in looking at more. In fact those last four pics i took for the halloween thread and the hearts were taken for the tacky thread.
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    I love the cats and the mallets! The Maleficent ones look cool too.

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