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Thread: February 2019: Pigtails

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    Pardon my late post...

    I sometimes do two braids in summer, as an easy way to get the hair off my neck. But I haven't done it as much since I started putting it up in a bun more.

    Here's one from 2017; I think this was the only time I've done twin Dutch braids.

    And rope braids, in 2016:

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    I love this thread. So many beautiful pigtails, or as I like to call them, twintails. languagenut, I love your twin plaits and I agree, it's a great way to get the hair off your neck in the summer. I learnt this while camping in a very hot place, where I met a guy who told me that he had had long dark hair for most of his life (it was now shorter and grey), and that getting the hair off the back of the neck is key to cooling down in hot weather.

    Two plaits is my favourite hairstyle right now at HL, especially for exercise, but I also enjoy two high twintails sometimes. Unfortunately it's not comfortable for longer than a couple of hours, though - Robot Ninja and others who wear them high up, do you find yours are comfortable all day?

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