My original goal was to reach classic length by Yule of 2019, but sadly I went through a very stressful quarter of a year in the fall, resulting in a variety of health problems, including severe thinning of my already fairytaled ends. Breakage was also becoming an issue due to past idiocy with chemical treatments for which payment was due.

So I am starting the coming year with fresh ends, cutting off the thinnest "layer" of my ends as well as the very tips of the next "layer" (in quotation marks, because they aren't actual cut-in layers but rather chemical treatment phasing alongside natural taper), which will likely land me somewhere in the HL+ area, making classic by the end of 2019 an impossibility considering that I will be microtrimming my way there as well. Initially I was upset about it, but at the same time, I knew it had to be done and that this is indeed the right time to cut those very damaged ends off and be done with it.

Luckily, goals change all the time and there's nothing wrong with that. Anyone want to aim for this goal together with me and enjoy the journey regardless of what length we're at?