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Thread: Do you swim in pools?

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    I just took a job as a kid's swim instructor, today is my first day I pre-oiled last night but I'm not super worried because I noticed most girls put their hair up in a bun and never get it very wet. Some of the other lady instructors have even longer and nicer hair than I do, so I won't let myself stress over it too much. Do you all recommend I get a sulfate shampoo though? Right now I only wash with a CV bar. I just don't want to go back to using conditioner, though I saw earlier hairkay is WO and a swimmer so that is very encouraging to me.

    Update: Would not recommend shampoo bar and chlorine, my hair felt very odd and waxy. Going to ACV rinse and just do WO after the pool tomorrow. I will also stay with the pre-oil.
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    I used to swim every day when I was 10 and under. A hairdresser commented that my hair was damaged so badly from chlorine that it scared me out of ever swimming again!

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