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Thread: LHC Hairstyle Thesaurus

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    Description Tools Structure Notes See also Link
    Braided Comet Knot A braid tied in a knot with the length hanging out, knot pinned in place and then the remaining braid undone to form a ponytail. pins, hair stick(s), fork braid, knot Check for other tutorials. See Commet Knot Video tutorial: Almahair
    Style of the Month
    Topsy Tail A technique in which a ponytail is flipped over and through itself. hair tie, topsy tool ponytail, flip Accent. Can be work as is, or incorporated into numerous styles. Style of the Month
    Comet Knot Gather a ponytail, tie a knot with the length pulled through, secure. Pins, hair sticks, fork knot, ponytail See Braided Comet Knot Style of the Month
    Lazy Wrap Ponytail A ponytail with no elastic. Small section wrapped in the Lazy Wrap technique. stick, fork, ficcare center held, ponytail Text tutorial
    Video tutorial: Sarahlabyrinth
    Style of the Month
    Paracord Wrap A ponytail wrapped in cord from scalp to ends. paracord, hair tie ponytail Text tutorial
    Pigtails Two ponytails hair ties ponytail aka bunches Ponytail Style of the Month
    Ponytail Classic gathering of hair held close to scalp with length hanging loose together, usually secured with an elastic. hair tie ponytail List non-elastic ponytails Style of the Month
    Segmented Ponytail A ponytail with hair ties tied at even intervals down the length of the tail, creating a nice sectioned effect. hair ties ponytail aka banded and caterpillar ponytail Style of the Month
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