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Thread: Garnier Fructis Treats / Hair food

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belgrade Beauty View Post
    Could you post a link or pic of that Elvive you bought? Btw, I didn't go out to shop for these, my bf buys that stuff for me, simply because I'm unable to resist buying more than I need, so whenever I want to try something new, I tell him to buy it for me. TBH , I thought that Banana and Aloe will be as harsh as Aloe Hydra Bomb shampoo...Now I see I was very wrong. But as I said above, it comes in handy now that it's summer and I wash every day, I wouldn't want to dry my hair completely out with the harsh ones I have for other seasons..

    FYI this is my first multiquote post, and I'm trilled I figured that one out!
    First of all, congrats on that one!

    I'll see if I can get you a link.

    This is it in my country (Elsève):

    And this is it in other countries, The Netherlands for instance, where it is called Elvive:
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    Quote Originally Posted by ynne View Post
    When you wash your hair with just a shampoo, let it dry and don't put anything in it... does it feel different at all from when you do use a conditioner/hair mask?
    I can't wash my hair only with shampoo because there would be no way I could detangle it. But I guess my hair feels no different before or after using conditioner if that could be of any use? Maybe I could try to leave it tangled and let it dry and then wash it with conditioner and see if it makes any difference in how I feel it

    Quote Originally Posted by Belgrade Beauty View Post
    Hmmm...There is a post somewhere about identifying what your hair is like and what it needs. Wash your hair with some clarifying shampoo,to get all the oil and products out, than let it air dry. If the strands are transparent and too elastic you need protein treatment, and if the length or just ends (in my case) is dry than you need to moisturize it with masks, oil treatments etc...
    I think I read that post and couldn't find out what my hair needs. I usually go for moisturising masks as I've always been told that curly hair always lacks moisture. But as I've said before I never wash my hair without conditioner so maybe I should try the test again after trying to wash only with shampoo.

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    I used the papaya on saturday and definitely it works a little bit better for me than the aloe one So those are for sure my favs now! The Papaya smells so good too (the Aloe is a bit meh scented wise), and I feel my hair softer with this one, despite both are really close.

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    I tried out the shampoo and conditioner yesterday and i really liked them! On Sunday I do heavy coconut oilings for 2-3 hours before washing my hair, so I thought that would be a good test of how effectively they clean. I conditioned first on oilied hair than shampooed afterwards, and when it dried my hair was soft and clean, and definitely not oily! This is gonna be my go to sulfate wash on my oiling days!
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