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Thread: Maui Moisture shampoo and conditioner

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    Quote Originally Posted by curly girl fla View Post
    Well, now I say thanks to you, lol! After your review, I wanted to try it, and I'm really glad to get it at half the standard price. I hope my hair can ignore the glycerin, too. Florida is, I would say, 90% humid frizzy weather, so it may just be another one for the books...everything I have has been making my hair feel so dry lately, and this looks promising.
    Oh I hope you end up liking it!! Please let us know once you try it!

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    Default Re: Maui Moisture shampoo and conditioner

    i've had a chance to use the gel quite a bit on both non-humid and high humidity days (one of the benefits of being a daily washer). It works very well on the low humid days. For me it's a very soft hold, not super defined, but lower frizz, more loose curls rather than spirally ones. Today was hot and humid. I was only outdoors a few times, but this gel gave no definition whatsoever. But my hair is so soft and full using this. I have mixed feelings, but generally like it. Especially at a discounted price. But my goal is primarily to get my hair to look as textured as possible and this kind of does the opposite... I think I will really like this in the winter,though.

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