After sucess with making first what I call spice rack oil and great regrowth I wanted to post recipe. I used to use Essential oils but didn't want to put out tons of money so this is great for people on a budget. Most spices you can get at dollar tree for a dollar or aldis have them cheap and work just as well. Below pict shows how I started started regrowing in my slightly receding hairline after a very bad reaction and shed from shampoo bars, I also have halo of new growth all over my head. I've also had sucess with hubbys thinning spot that has regrow tons, however he forgets to use it more then not. You can use it once a week on wash days or whenever is convenient for you. I leave mine in for a few hrs to all day. you can add or minus other growth herbs of your choice! as always if it starts irritating scalp wash immediately. While my scalp loves this not all scalps are created equal!

1 tsp ground rosemary
1tsp ground ginger
1tsp rubbed sage
1tsp dried orange peel
2 cinnamon sticks or 1tsp cinnamon powder
1tsp allspice

simmer on low in a water bath in a mason jar*for several hours. I start mine on medium and when I see little bubbles forming I turnit on low. Don't let it boil the point is to seep it in nice hot water.

I strain mine through several coffee filters but cheese cloth is prob best as its frustrating doing it through filters or you can just leave everything in there

oil of choice I've only used coconut or grapeseed this far. I use a pint size jar, put all my herbs on bottom and fill jar 3/4 to full (see below picts) and stir them well. I try not to make too much as I don't want to turn rancid before I use it all up. Store in dark dry place