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Thread: 1c or 1c/2a or 2a, what type is my hair? (This will be the LAST time I ask this...)

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    Post 1c or 1c/2a or 2a, what type is my hair? (This will be the LAST time I ask this...)

    (...hopefully )

    I've made a thread like this before, twice. First time when I just joined and last time was a bit more than a year ago, my hair was a bit too short to tell both times, I think, but now it should be safe to say where I belong. (I also do this to distract myself from other things atm, and it was long ago I took any photos of my hair so why not?)

    All photos taken today with freshly washed and air dried hair, shampoo and conditioner, no combing and minimal touching (and all that). I'm glad that I, for once, had someone to take the photos for me!

    (included three photos since it was a bit windy...and because I couldn't decide which photo was the best)

    And then I include this one for fun (I added a silicone hair serum in this one mainly too see the difference that I usually feel when I use it, but the main difference seemed to be that I made a bit of order in my hair from applying it + that my brother forgot to keep the camera low (he's a foot taller than me) so it got another angle (and the colours got a bit weird?). Not a proper hairtyping photo, ofc, but why not.

    But back to the point, what hair type is this?

    This time my hair surely is long enough, so this should be the last thread I do on this! (unless my hair completely change in the future, then I'll make three more )
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