So, upon the the advice of several of you members here, I took the information you shared with me and put it to use in order to maximize my curly hair. Now then: I don't quite have all the correct products for my hair, but I tried the method and I personally can see a difference. But I had to use what I had on hand. I thought I would post a before and after, as well as what I experimented doing. Perhaps it will be helpful for those who are also trying to figure out how to deal with their curly hair. I'm also very open to suggestions if you want to give them regarding what I did, however that is not the purpose of this thread and you don't have to give them if you don't want that to.

Products used: shea moisture shampoo and conditioner (the restoring moisture one)
olive oil
herbal essences volumizing mousse (strong hold)

in short, I tried a variation of the LOC method using Shea moisture conditioner as my Leave in, olive oil as my oil, and the herbal essence is as my holding agent simply because I didn't have any other sort of cream. Here are my results. The top picture is just me air dry and my curls with a little bit of hairspray in it was sulfate shampoo and conditioner probably with silicones. The second picture is the above method. And, as I said, I see a difference personally but it could be wishful thinking.