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Thread: Do you collect your shed hair????

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    Default Re: Do you collect your shed hair????

    This was six months.(My rate is stable and didn't change treating hypothyroidism, only the usual season variation.)
    Now I've been collecting for 16 months and this are the results so far:

    The goal is to have enough hair to double my ponytail, which is 7cm (2,75in) circumference, 4cm² area, to do hairstyles like Leia from Star Wars. I discard hairs shorter than 35cm (it's a lot, I've so much taper), and sort the ones between 35-45, 45-70, 70 and longer (coming soon another category). Fingercombing before wash I stick the roots on a double-faced tape on the mirror. When there is 15-20 hairs I take them together, align with tweezers and stick on another tape to storage, so the strands are easier to manipulate to weave. IT TAKES TIME. Took me about 3h per week to collect and a week per piece to weave (so to not have back pain).

    So far I've made 3 pieces (finished last week, I would post soon), 1 short and 2 medium. The 3 together have 4cm circumference, 1,27cm² area, that is 32% what I aim; whithout the short one: 3,3cm, 0,87cm², 21%. There isn't enough 70+ yet to make a piece.

    I made a "loom" with screws to ajust the tension, I use simple embroidery thread. After foldind the piece twice, 80cm stretched, 17cm finished, I crochet them together (meticuclous part of the job) to be a practical width. I'm yet to add the clips.
    More photos in my albuns, and videos showing extensions and weaving.

    Some interesting links:
    Other older shed hair threads:
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    Who wants to make a ponytail?
    Instagram Allan Nakashiro, 17 months collecting:
    How to weave hair:
    October 2021 102cm (40in)

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    Default Re: Hair Extensions from your own hair?

    Quote Originally Posted by DropStitches View Post
    Wow, Sarahlabyrinth - that looks like a majestic plume of hair! How long did the process take you? Apologies if you wrote about it earlier in this thread, I've not read the whole of it yet.

    I was actually investigating hair switches the other day, and came across this rather charming 1940s news footage about making hair pieces with your own hair:

    I found it in this article about vintage hair styling. It looks like quite the process - aligning all the hairs, brushing them through those special brushes.

    I've started the process of collecting a little box of shed hairs with a project like this in mind several times, then got grossed out and thrown it away!
    I think that took around nine months to put together, it's not all the hairs which were shed during that time, just the longer ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TatsuOni View Post
    I merged the new thread with an older and longer one. I think that you'll find a lot to read here
    Thank you! 🤗

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