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Thread: Fermented Rice Water

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    Quote Originally Posted by curly girl fla View Post
    I've driven myself batty reading everything I could about rice water for hair and skin. I started using it last week. I used basmati rice (all I had), about a cup rinsed then put in a large mason jar and filled with regular tap water. I used it after 48 hours and still have more left. The smell is stronger, but not bad-I happen to like the fragrance of basmati, and it isn't too sour yet. My skin loves it! Hair-not sure, still experimenting. So many people say it detangles, but not for me-I have been trying with it in my hair, alone or under conditioner, but maybe I need to rinse it out before detangling? Any suggestions? Maybe I will use it to cleanse instead of as a rinse...
    I always rinse it out. If not, you will probably end up with a waxy coating on your hair.

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    Sorry I haven’t got time to read the whole thread.. anyone care to enlighten me of the general method for this? I’m probably too low maintenance lol but willing to try as it’s a natural product :-)

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    Thanks for the reply, Tatsu. I do rinse-I didn't express myself right; I meant detangle while it is still in my hair, or detangle after rinsing. I just always have detangled with conditioner in my hair prior to rinsing it out, but maybe with this, the tangles will come out as I rinse. I dunno. I did have more decent results today for whatever reason. I don't see too much difference in my hair but will continue to use it to give it a fair shot. But, man-I cleanse and tone my face and body with FRW and will definitely keep this as part of my skin regimen.

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