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Thread: Fermented Rice Water

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shorty89 View Post
    No, this is the first time and I've used orange peels before. I'm thinking that it has to be the weather.
    It's weird if it's only happend once I think that you just have to try again and see what happens.

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    Iím pretty new to FRW and Iím not sure if Iím making it right, Iíve seen so many diff recipes. As of now I have
    1. Drained out rice water into a mason jar and put in orange peels
    2.leave it for 2-3 days until it fizzes. A white film on the bottom starts to form
    3. I mix it with water to wash my hair in and I soak for about 30 min once or twice a week. I put it on my face too

    Iím wondering how long this batch stays good for. Do I make a new one every time? Does it go bad and do I need to refrigerate it or boil it?

    Iíve just been laying it out on the counter and see some people say it goes bad and sometimes people say no. Or that they boil it to stop fermenting or put it in the fridge

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