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Thread: Fermented Rice Water

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    I have been using rice water for about 2 months now and loving the results I am seeing. My hair feels thicker and stronger. I do not boil my rice. I just put it in a bowl of water and leave it sit overnight until I get around to washing my hair the next day. I strain the rice out and take the rice water bowl and another bowl with me and after I shampoo, rinse with the rice water over my hair until I feel like it is super saturated. I then plastic cap my hair and let it sit for a bit. I then condition and rinse my hair.

    I prefer enriched white rice for my water. I have tried brown, but really didn't feel any results after using it. (Usually my hair feels thicker and is super smooth and shiny). The water didn't get as milky as it does with the enriched white rice either. This is my new favorite treatment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khristopher View Post
    Hey, great to hear you like the FRW! As for your question I had not experienced any change in color from my threatments, boiled or not, and with additions (herb teas/infusions much like dazeydayze recipe). I don't know your location but if you're in northern hemisphere, then it's summer over there isn't it? Maybe your hair was sun lightened, have you tried any threatment with honey/ACV/lemon/chammomile/cinnamon recently? Those are said to give golden shine or lift some shades of color. But at least for me my color hasn't changed a bit with the rice water. Will see if others chime in with different experiences
    Thanks for your reaction! Yeah, it is summer over here but I rarely go out in it xD Ive also not done any treatment with the products mentioned! I noticed cause I was clicking on YouTube and saw rice creams diys that said it would be whitening...

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    I was so excited when I saw this thread! I have used rice water in the past and it adds elasticity and shine to my hair. I drifted away from using it when I started working, id just forget to make it and went back to shampoo only. I think I will start making it and using it again My hair was sooo lush then.

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